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Parsons Chameleon

I'm offering up a captive bred male Parsons Chameleon for sale at this time. This animal is 12" total length, and came in from the Underground shipment this past summer. It has been with me since then, and is perfect in every way.

It's priced at
$2,800.00 delivered. I prefer a sale into Southern California, Utah, or somewhere within reasonable driving distance to Las Vegas for a personal delivery by me. I will be in Florida and all over the West coast in the next few months, so delivery can be figured out.

This is truly an amazing chameleon, so different from any other species. There's just a few dozen of these in the United States, and it holds a huge value to me. This is the reason I am personally delivering it, to assure safe arrival and the buyer's complete satisfaction.

Send an e-mail if you have any questions or if you're interested. Thanks!

Many more pics are available on request!


Mellers Chameleons

We have an awesome group of captive born babies coming up. They're still on the small side, but will begin shipping when they get adequate sized. They look like little zebras, with black and white stripes from nose to the tip of their tail.

$200 each

Available August 2007

Deremensis Chameleons

We've got a single rarely offered captive hatched Deremensis chameleon. This is the largest species of 3 horned chameleons, almost reaching the size of panther chameleons. This is a flawless juvenile at 6" total length showing the traditional dark spots on a light body. CH Deremensis are almost never available, so this is a very rare opportunity.


Captive Born Rudis Chameleons

We have some rarely offered captive born Rudis chameleons we're going to be letting go. These are a tough species to raise the first few months, so getting here wasn't easy.

$75 each

*Available August 2007*

Rhampholeon Brevicaudatus

We currently have a nice group of leaf chameleons available. We've got both R. Brevicaudatus as well as R. Temporalis available.  Males and females available in both species.


Rhampholeon Spectrum

We've got a nice group of Spectrums we're both breeding and selling. These are my favorite of the leaf chameleons, and have a very exotic look to them. These are wild caughts, imported from Cameroon. Sorry, no lone females will be sold.


Werners Chameleons

I've got 2 long term captive female Werneri chameleons available now. I chose these myself back in June '06, and they've been in my care ever since.


Fischers Chameleons

We now have a choice, hand-picked (by me) group of Fischers chameleons. These have been in the US since June '06 and are doing great.





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