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These are photos of plants we regularly use in our indoor cages. These plants are safe and usually easy to find.

Ficus Benjamina

Ficus plants are the most common and easy to keep plant in chameleon keeping. They come in various sizes, anywhere from 1 foot tall to a full sized tree and are very hardy. These plants do well indoors in low to high light conditions. Some varieties drop leaves more than others.


Hibiscus plants are another commonly used plant by chameleon keepers. They are thick and sturdy with big beautiful flowers. They are less hardy indoors than normal indoor plants, requiring high light and warm temperatures, but in the right conditions they will thrive. Often a plant that is dropping leaves indoors needs a few days of natural sunlight or a little plant food and it will get it healthy again.


Pothos are very available in most supermarkets and hardware stores and are very hardy plants indoors. Ideally, they should be hung from the roof of an enclosure to allow the vines to drape down into the cage. Some varieties of Pothos grow more upright and may be kept on the floor of an enclosure. They are sturdy with think vines and make excellent chameleon plants.


Ivy plants are beautiful and hardy plants that make excellent additions to a cage. They should not be the primary plant since they are relatively small, but they have good vines for climbing that make good hiding spots for a chameleon. Like the pothos, they should probably be hung in the cage, allowing the vines to drape down.

China Doll

China doll is a plant we sometimes use for our smaller, juvenile chameleons (2-4 months). They are thick plants but have somewhat thin branches with large leaves and too heavy a chameleon can cause them to droop down. They make good additional plants in a larger chameleon's cage, but should not be the main one the chameleon spends time on.




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